Recipe for embracing fear:

1 large plot of land known as canada
1 small vehicle
2 strangers
Bake for 1 week or 45 hours straight @ end of June temperatures

Results may vary from expectations and worries.

To be continued…



step one:

pack the vehicle until full and drive 950km to

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

step two:

realize you just drove 10 hours and have to do it all again to get to

Thunder Bay, ON

step three:

notice the ease of being with said stranger and enjoy the moment over and over again until you reach

Winnipeg, MB  (feel free to skip this one)

step four:

drive straight through Saskatchewan because why not and end up in

Medicine Hat, AB

step five:

This step is essential as it leads to kind people in

Grand Forks, BC

step six ( be sure not to miss this one)

enjoy a day of leisure and fine company with some exquisite views to add to the collection that has already entered your memory from previous days in

Curlew, WA  

courtesy of

step seven:


Vancouver, BC

unload not-so-stranger-anymore stranger and head to the next adventure and let this one settle in.

*its always the same moon