a series of prompts

From becomingwhoyouare.net:

What is the relationship like between your body and your mind? If they were two roommates, what would their interactions and conversations be like?

It would be gratifying to write that the relationship between my body and mind was connected, healthy and whole at every point in my life. However gratifying this may be, it wouldn’t be true.

In my mid 20’s exercising became my coping mechanism of choice. Hiking, biking, swimming, yoga, etc, etc, sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time. It was, until I stepped back and realized I was so busy increasing my heart rate that I never stopped to feel my heart rate.

Then came the insight that with all this movement I was probably running away from my thoughts, feelings and people, thus creating more of a disconnection the more I ran.

If my body and mind were roommates they would be in need of a new living situation at that time.

After some time shaming myself for running away from myself I had yet another beautiful moment of awareness showing me that the moments of harsh judgements on myself were probably worse for me than the moments of running away from myself. Now came the adventure of healing and letting go of the tight grip I had on parts of myself that did not meet my needs for self acceptance.

Spending many months (and continuing to do so) rearranging the thoughts (would thoughts be furniture in this analogy?!?) in the flat that is me has led to my mind learning to listen to my body and my body learning to listen to the rearranged and nurturing thoughts in my mind. They have been having some lovely conversations these days and I am looking forward to running with these roommates more.


What do you feel you have gained in 2015? Has this added to your life, or does it feel more like excess baggage you’d maybe like to shed next year?

Trusting my own mind has been a work in progress over the last few years and 2015 was full of stimulating events that showed me how important it is to trust oneself. I feel I have gained a better understanding of myself and a more unquestioning relationship with my mind.

Letting go of old thought patterns and allowing new, grounded and honest thoughts to settle into my mind has been the opposite of excess baggage, it has been liberating and enlightening. Maybe there is something to this mindfulness and neuroplasticity after all.